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AppRecommender a Package Recommender System

Hello, my name is Lucas Moura and this post will present AppRecommender. This project is a package recommender system for Debian systems. The intent of this application is to look for packages that users have already installed in their system and recommend new useful packages based on them. This approach is similar as the one seen on Netflix or Amazon, where the movies or goods that a user has already seen determine other items that will be recommended.

This application is already packaged and can be found with the name apprecommender on Debian stretch. Currently, AppRecommender does recommend a variety of packages, ranging from application to libraries. However, the next release will focus more on the application packages.

In the near feature, I will also ask the community for some help on evaluating the application, specially to evaluate if the application is providing useful recommendations.

To anyone interested on the project, you can look at its main repository in the following link:

And if you have any ideas for the project or any doubt about it, please send me an email:

Or contact my at OFTC irc network on channels like #debian-soc or #debian-devel, my nickname there is lucasmoura. It will be really cool to hear any input about the application and discuss some ideas with anyone interested on it :)